Getting started with Kanban? Explore our list of recommended Kanban books for beginners by Anna Radzikowska, Accredited Kanban Trainer, Certified Kanban Coach.

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Talking about Kanban books for beginners, we always recommend start exploring it from free sources first. There are plenty of materials available from our websites, check the article 5 Steps to Start Learning Kanban for the full list. 

That is why, as the very starting point, we recommend reading the Kanban Guide. It is not a book, that’s why it is not included in the list, but that’s where you should really start. Than if you feel that Kanban could work well for you, we invite you to explore our list of TOP 5 Kanban Books for beginners and start your amusing journey of improvement.

1. Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business

by David Anderson 

This famous “Blue Book is one of the top 5 agile books ever published. While being made back in 2010 it is still applicable. It helped thousands of people to start applying Kanban. You can do the same – read this book and you`re ready to start. Find “Blue Book” in your language here.

2. Essential Kanban Condensed 

by David J. Anderson & Andy Carmichael 

The basics of the Kanban Method in a pocket version. You can keep it in your bag, when you quickly need to check any Kanban practice or principle. Available in Print or Free Digital Download.

Essential Kanban condensed
Essential Upstream Kanban

3. Essential Upstream Kanban 

by Patrick Steyaert 

For anyone interested in an Upstream Kanban, this is the first book from an expert in the field. Available in Print or Free Digital Download.

4. Kanban From the Inside 

by Mike Burrows 

This book explains Kanban Method through its nine values. Available in Digital & Print.

Kanban from the Inside
Kanban Maturity Model book

5. Kanban Maturity Model, 2nd edition 

by David Anderson and Teodora Bozheva

If “Blue Book was a Bible, Kanban Maturity Model second edition is a new, upgraded Bible. It is not only about the practicesFrom this book, you can learn a lot about organizational culture and managing change. You can even explore how the human brain works! Available in print here or to read online with

Another book out of the list that we recommend is Fit-For-Purpose. It is not a Kanban book and in fact, “Kanban” as a word appears there only a few times. That`s why we put it separately at the end of the list. But Fit-For-Purpose is a great book to support your customer journey. In Kanban, we care about customers. And Fit-For-Purpose will help you to understand who your customers are, what are their needs, and how to satisfy them.  

Remember that you can always find your Kanban book at

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