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Mauvisoft is a software and mobile application company, dedicated to providing decision support tools for modern 21st Century professional services companies. Our products help managers make decisions under uncertainty.

Mauvisoft is part of the Mauvius Group companies along with
Kanban University and the David J Anderson School of Management.

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Decision support
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Providing tools for modern intangible goods industries

In Mauvius group we believe that modern 21st century professional services intangible goods industries need better management and leadership facilitated by better decision making. We aim to democratize such decision making with highly accessible tools – confidence in the palm of your hand.  The main challenge is that managers are still being trained in business schools, learning the techniques from the 18th – 20th century that are suitable for tangible goods, industrial era and physical industries, but may not be that effective or efficient for modern intangible goods industries. 

Helping with better decision making

Insufficiently well managed processes may cause stress and anxiety, burn-outs, and even mental health problems, and of course, they may also leave a lot of economic opportunities unrealized on the table. With better management and better decision making we could fix or even avoid these problems. Mauvius group of companies specialize in management and leadership development for modern post-industrial intangible goods industries. Mauvisoft provides the tooling to make these concepts accessible.

Augmenting your Kanban experience

Mauvisoft applications will augment the learning and techniques delivered in management training from Kanban University and David J Anderson School of Management. Mauvisoft aims to develop tools for Enterprise Services Planning, Kanban Maturity Model, and the Fit for Purpose Framework with a focus on dealing with selection, scheduling, sequencing, prioritization of work, and dependency management.

Kanban University and David J Anderson School of Management trainings teach managers to apply useful techniques that are helpful in managing decisions. While individually simple, they are often too elaborate for someone to calculate on their own. Mauvisoft products make it easy and convenient for adoption. Mauvisoft applications are developed with a purpose to give managers confidence that they are making good decisions given all the uncertainties and unknowns.

Menta Triage


Menta Triage DS application

Menta Triage DS APP

With the Menta Triage DS application, you have a good quality decision making adviser in the palm of your hand. Anywhere you go, while in a meeting – you can use Menta Triage DS application as a pocket calculator to check the class of service for your working item, so the correct answer is always at your fingertips.



KMM Plus

KMM Plus

KMM+ brings you a new way of experiencing the Kanban Maturity Model. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you are always 3 clicks to expertise. Use KMM+ to quickly access the newest and the most updated information from the Kanban Maturity Model. KMM+ is your map, your compass, your navigation in decision making. Move forward with confidence. 

Decide with KMM+!

F4P Plus




F4P Plus

F4P Plus

A product or service is adequate for the purpose for which the consumer selected the product. Business owners and creators of products and services need a system for understanding their customers “why”.