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Interested in a corporate account?

Interested in a corporate account?

Latest updates

Get all reliable up-to-date Kanban materials straight to your laptop in any part of the world

No hard copy needed

Read the latest Kanban Maturity Model book online on any device

Full book content and more

The library of all Kanban posters with easy navigation and search function

Modules for self-learning

Learn the Kanban Maturity Model yourself when you want and how you want

What is the KMM?

KMM stands for Kanban Maturity Model, the model of organizational maturity using the Kanban Method. You can explore the Kanban Maturity Model through the hard copy book or online using the learning platform.

What is KMM+?


all latest posters visualizing the main Kanban Method concepts


the Kanban Maturity Model 2nd edition book online


any concept, case study, or explanation you need


the Kanban Maturity Model at your own pace

Get all the latest posters

Explore the whole library of Kanban posters, explaining main Kanban Method studies in a visual and structured way

Navigate and explore

Explore each poster in-depth, zoom it in and out, and move around using your mouse or touchpad.

Uncover the content behind

Click on the poster to highlight the mapped content. Read the book extracts to find out more.

See how it works with free account

Choose what to read

Click on the part of the poster you want to learn more about and read the book chapter explaining it.

Browse the content

Continue reading by clicking “Next Section” using the corresponding button.

Read the whole book

Go to the chapters view to read the book chapter by chapter.

Discover the full book content

Use the Chapters view to explore the KMM 2nd edition complete content.

Monthly and annual subscriptions are available. No commitment!

Find exactly what you need

Use the “Search” function to find the reference, concept, or study you want to learn more about.

Watch KMM Plus tutorials to explore more

Learn exactly what you want

Use the “Modules” tab to access the new Learning Modules* and choose the topic you want to learn.

* Available with a professional type of subscription

Go through different Learning Modules

Use the tabs to navigate through Module*. Read about it, explore corresponding book chapters and/or articles, watch the videos with David explaining the topic, and go through the quiz for the self-evaluation.

* Available with a professional type of subscription

Who is it for?

The solution that is right for you!


For all Kanban Professionals: accredited Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) and Kanban Management Professional (KMP) to find, explore, learn more and implement what you learn.


To have fast, constant, and easy access to all the materials available from any part of the world, wherever you are. To prepare for the class and improve your professional knowledge.

Coach and consultant

To find the reference or the case study you need to implement the Kanban Method, advise, or consult, or find the answers to resolve the questions you have about the Kanban Method implementation.

The Kanban Maturity Model is a tool that I was looking for as an Agile Coach for a long time. It’s a roadmap that is helping me with introducing the Kanban Method and improving the flow of work. The KMM supports me in better facilitating the improvements discovery and implementing them with my clients in a structured and organized way which minimizes the resistance towards change.

Maciej Sowiński

Enterprise Agile Coach

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