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F4P Plus: F4P book content + much more

What is F4P Plus?

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The F4P Plus is an online service that provides you with all possible materials to learn the Fit-For-Purpose Framework:

  • The full content of the Fit-For-Purpose 3rd edition book
  • Downloadable posters and additional materials
  • Interactive posters with mapped content
  • Video Resources and Modules



all the 3rd edition of the Fit for Purpose book online from anywhere you are.

No paper, no shipment waiting, just the valuable knowledge that you want!

Languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese – available.

German, Spanish, Polish – in process.



all the F4P content the way you want:

  • use Search to find exactly what you need.

  • use Posters with mapped content to get to the bottom of the framework and explore it in depth.

  • check additional materials and case studies – to apply the framework on your own.



explanatory posters, infographics and additional materials to explore and understand all the Fit-for-Purpose concepts.

Save, share, print out – all for the convenience of your learning.

Languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese – available.

German, Spanish, Polish – in process.

What’s new in F4P 3rd Edition

  • Extended set of commonly recurring fitness criteria to include affordability, convenience, and optionality/adaptability.

  • New double-loop process framework for implementing F4P.

  • Extended coverage of OKRs and integration with F4P Framework.

  • Two new chapters and one new appendix.

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The 3rd edition ‘Synthesizing Customer Experience and Strategy for Accelerated Business’ is a book for anybody wanting a fresh approach to improving customer satisfaction.

If you like guided learning.

F4P Framework is also available as a self-paced learning course with a completion certificate from the David J Anderson School of Management.

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