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Additional Materials

Explore the Kanban Method with our free additional downloadable materials and infographics. Learn more about Dependencies in Kanban, Lead Time, Kanban Maturity Model, Classes of Service in easy visual way. 

Download them, save for your convenience, and share. 

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20 Kanban practices for managing dependencies

5 reasons to collect your data

What is «early» or «late» in Kanban

7 reasons why Agile initiatives may fail 

20 ways your organization can benefit from the Kanban Maturity Model

5 reasons to use the classes of service

Classes of Service Explanation

Fat-tailed or Thin-tailed Lead Time Distribution?

6 General Kanban Practices

Top 5 Kanban Books for Beginners

5 Reasons to Start Exploring KMM

Core Kanban Metrics

Did you like these Kanban infographics and want to learn more?