Explore the Kanban Maturity Model books that inspired David Anderson and Teodora Bozheva on their way to creating the famous KMM.

Kanban Maturity Model is a map to organizational agility. It explains how to improve the organization, its processes, and culture using the Kanban Method. Kanban Maturity Model is not a simple book. It pays great attention to the leadership and cooperation. That`s why you can find there a variety of practical insights about how people make decisions, why do they resist change, and up to the information about how the human brain works!

This book has collected the most important knowledge about all the pivotal aspects of leading the agility initiative. And yet, among the scope of material that formed the basis of the book, we can highlight the wisdom of the ten key authors and their twenty core books that most influenced the creation of KMM as we see it today.

Explore the Kanban Maturity Model books that influenced its creation below: 

  1. Jared Diamond:
  1. Francis Fukuyama:
  2. Nassim Nicholas Taleb:
  1. Ray Immelman:
  2. Gerald Weinberg:
  1. Tim Harford:
  2. John Kay:
  3. Plato:
  4. Aristotle:
  5. Steven Pinker:

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